Terms and Conditions

By clicking the button below you authorize Spectrum personnel to access your computer system(s) through a remote connection during the current troubleshooting session. You also authorize Spectrum personnel to make any necessary changes to your computer system(s) in order to resolve the issue at hand. Prior to establishing the remote connection, Spectrum recommends that you backup all data on your computer system(s). Additionally, please ensure that you close any private and confidential files before the remote connection is established. Remote assistance of your computer system(s) is provided on a "best endeavors" basis and a successful resolution cannot be guaranteed. You agree that Spectrum will not be liable for any damage to your computer system(s) or the information stored on such computer system(s) that may arise during the remote assistance session, diagnosis and/or resolution process, including but not limited to, accidental deletion or corruption of data, damage to the operating system, applications, or other software or hardware.